© Taylor C. Reeves 2019


Taylor was born in Columbus, OH and raised in the Metro Detroit area. She moved to New York City to pursue a career in film production, and since graduating from Digital Film Academy in 2018, she has written, produced, and script supervised for various short films.


In addition to film production, she has passions for photography, videography, and music. Her favorite photos to take are portraits, and she enjoys recording videos for both fun and educational purposes. When it comes to music, she experiences it on a spiritual level. Her favorite genres to sing are R&B/Soul and Jazz, but she appreciates it all. From Christian, to Pop, and even Funk, Taylor can be caught listening to a variety of music all day long!


Taylor believes that creativity is the means by which hope is kept alive and a catalyst for spreading love and building communities. She hopes to inspire creatives to follow their passions all the way through, because they have the power to influence lives for the better.